Mondrian: an iPhone Puzzle Game

✭✭ “This is an AWESOME game for puzzle freaks” – touchArcade forum ✭✭

✭✭ Previously featured by Apple in WHAT’S HOT ✭✭

5 STARS – A masterpiece (iTunes Review)

Challenging and unique puzzles is what the iDevices are all about and Mondrian does not disappoint. First, it has an exquisite presentation based on the artist’s style. Mondrian himself guides you through the toughest puzzles, even helping you out when stuck. The levels themselves are quite hard, but the joy you derive when solving one, is of the highest caliber. As others have stated, you will probably have a hard time solving them all, but it’s completly worth it. Give it a try and get ready to embark in one of the most challenging journeys on the iDevice.
- by themendoz 02/02/2010

Screen Shots: